I’m Sorry | Seblaine

Song Prompt: I’m Sorry by The Maine

Summary: Sebastian isn’t entirely sure why he’s making the journey out to Blaine’s house, nor what he’ll say when he gets there, all he really knows is he has to go, and he has to say something.

Warnings: Spoilers for Michael (S3E11), some bad language.

Sebastian pulled his car over to the side of the road for what had to be the tenth time since setting off from his house. The radio continued to blare out at him, and he punched out at the button to turn it off, missing by an inch and hissing curse words in a mixture of English and French at the pain in his fingers. He shook his hand slightly, taking a couple of deep, calming breaths before slowly reaching out again and shutting the radio down.

He shouldn’t really be driving at all. His mother was always telling his father not to do anything that involves complex machinery when he’s upset or angry. In his father’s case this meant not even using the toaster. Sebastian didn’t think that he was quite that incapable, even whilst upset, but he supposed his mother might have extended the suggestion to him if she’d known he was taking the car out in this kind of mood. Much like his father however, Sebastian had determined to go against her sensible advice, and so here he was, half way between his house and Blaine’s; one hand clutching the steering wheel in a vice grip and the other running nervously through his hair.

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Anonymous asked:

why do you ship seblaine? can you break it down for me? i'm just genuinely curious.

Um… okay well first of all you need to know that I ship most things on Glee if they haven’t given me a serious reason not to xD.

I think that Sebastian has the potential to be a really interesting character… I don’t know what Glee will do with him, but his attitude has to come from somewhere, and I would be really intrigued to find out about that. I think there’s the chance that there could be some serious issues in there… and I think that Blaine is the type of person who could be really good for him, and could help him get over those and maybe be a better person.

At the same time, I think sometimes Blaine is way too uptight about things, the only time he ever seems to loosen up is when he’s drunk and that’s not very healthy, and someone like Sebastian would help him loose some of his inhibitions and be more adventurous? I also think he’d knock a little of that innocence out of Blaine, and that can be a good thing as long as it doesn’t go too far the other way… which would be a danger with Seblaine I admit.

Overall though… I think that they could really help to balance each other out, that they could learn a lot from each other. 

I’d also be really intrigued in seeing how Sebastian dealt with Blaine if Kurt and him broke up. I can imagine him being very reluctantly comforting and the image in my head is hilarious and also kind of adorable. 

They’re both very different, but I think they have some common grounds, or at least potentially they do. I can certainly imagine that Sebastian’s father is disapproving of his being gay, and we hear that Blaine’s is too. Blaine is kind of fascinated by Sebastian I think… I get that impression. I don’t think he wants to be with him at the moment, but he does find him intriguing and I think a small part of him wants to be like Sebastian is some of the time.

A lot of this is based on speculation of what could be done with Seb’s character… and maybe I’ll be totally wrong, but we haven’t been given a lot and the writers have left it wide open for us. Anyway that’s how I feel about it xD. Obviously I wouldn’t want anything to happen without an actual break up with Kurt (I am so fed up with people actually getting together after cheating on this show -_-‘) and I would want that handled well… and I would want it to develop properly… but yeah, I think they could be a very interesting couple.

So the askSeblaine blog has put a headcanon in my brain that Sebastian is terrified of scary movies…

… but being the arrogant ‘I’m so cool’ type of guy that he is, he refuses to admit it, even though Blaine clearly knows. So Blaine makes him sit through loads of them one night, just to see how far he can push it until Sebbie just snaps and freaks out… he seems to be handling it all rather well, staying stoney faced through-out almost the whole night, but mid-way through the final film they plan to watch… ‘The Ring’… Blaine taps him on the shoulder to ask if he wants a drink, and Sebastian just flips, shrieks and throws popcorn everywhere. 

While Blaine collapses with laughter.

I don’t know if I’m right about this… since I know pretty much fuck all about the American school system.

But is it possible that Blaine could be only just a Junior? As in he’s almost the same age as Kurt technically, but a year behind in school.

I mean like I have a lot of friends who were just a few days away from being in the year above me, but they missed out because their birthday was after the cutoff date for the new school year. 

So as far as I can remember we don’t know Blaine’s birthday or Kurt’s birthday. So if Blaine was born right after the beginning of the school year, there could be anything from like three days to twelve months difference in their ages. 

I’m still not happy about the idea of Blaine being a Junior, because of the backtracking from things they have written into canon… damn Glee and their lack of any semblance of continuity… but it makes me feel slightly better to imagine that Blaine’s birthday is just at the beginning of the school year, and Kurts is in the summer just before it starts again and so at the very least Blaine is essentially the same age as Kurt.

So he’s 17 now, and Kurt’s 17 now - but will turn 18 in the next summer.

It just makes me feel happier about the whole change of mind regarding Blaine’s school year xD.