Happy Valentine’s Day My Lovely Followers

I had no clue what to do for you guys, but I wanted to tell you all too your faces how much I appreciate you so this happened.

Please be kind to me (and my crappy camera), I am shy and awkward and I have never done a solo video before, so I’m kind of putting my heart out into the world here xD. Handle with care <3.

Love always,

(p.s. sorry about my weird facial expressions)

  1. fairestregal said: Just saw this and I wanted to say, I love your accent! :)
  2. skyboundandsprinting said: YOU ARE SO CUTE
  3. muffinspace said: I MISS YOU <3
  4. theladymargaery said: So nice to see your faaaace! <3 I miss you.
  5. xabiyoko said: Oh My God!! Is this you for real? You have the prettiest accent! I would go to sleep listening to you talk if I could haha You’re super cute!! And speaking for all your followers, we appreciate you too :D
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